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Year of Firsts

It was a year of firsts

First time moving away from home. 

First time to have a home. 

First time to live with friends. 

First time to live with my husband. 

First time to live without my closest friends near me. 

First time to come home for the holidays. 

First bad workplace. 

First time to get promoted quickly at the best workplace. 

First year without school. 

First year of cooking for myself. 

First year of drinking hard. 

First year learning moderation. 

First time being seen as the wife of someone rather than just me. 

First time my hobbies were labeled as 'housewife-y'. 

First time meeting people my age who don't know how to cook. 

And finally, the first time actually being myself.

       It has been one hell of a year, but I am thankful for every moment of it. If my husband and I hadn't moved away from home, I would still be the same person I used to be. I would have the same job as I used to. We would probably be dead broke and mooching off our parents. And I wouldn't know what career path to pursue. Our marriage and our life would have been a boring, filthy mess. Being away from home was the absolute best way to start our marriage. It was still messy at times, but we clean up well. 

      Everyday I become more excited about what will come next in our lives. Atlanta will be a place to explore new creative paths and alternative jobs. I'm hopeful that next year will grow us just as much, if not more. Between all of our projects, owning two pets, working library jobs, applying/studying in school, trying to build up a couple of creative side hustles, and becoming a part of the community through volunteering and outreach, it is certainly going to be hard not to grow. 

And for the first time,

I'm really ready for it.

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