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Top 10 Favorite Baby Products

Being a parent is hard. These products are lifesavers that have made our lives as parents easier. I would buy each and every product on this list again.

These products are so wonderful that they are impossible to rank. They have made it into the Top 10 because they are our (Warren (my baby), Cody (Husband), and myself) absolute favorite products!


Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

The RaZbaby Teether is a must! It took a bit for our Warren to get used to. He used to favor the leaves and ring, however now that he is starting to teeth more, he loves the raspberry too! I love it because the silicone is soft but firm enough to give that perfect amount of pressure on teething gums. It also has a variety of textures, the ring has bands, the leaves are mostly flat, and the raspberry is more firm and bumpy. This is great because your baby can have more choices in one toy for gum pain relief. The colors are great because they stand out, pacifiers can be really hard to see (especially if you or your partner have poor eyesight), but this toy stands out! And perhaps the cherry (or should I say raspberry?) on top of the cake is the price point. At less than $10 it is more than affordable.

Bib time! My baby is picky about his bibware. He will pull at a bib and tear it off if it isn't what he likes. This particular bib is great for both parent and baby!! And once your baby begins eating solids..this bib is heavenly. Just turn on your sink faucet and wash away all the food. It's waterproof so cleaning is easy. I'm going to repeat myself for a third time because I love this bib. IT CAN BE CLEANED IN UNDER TWO MINUTES. No laundry day needed. Just a sink. A tub. A water bottle. A hose. It doesn't matter, this bib doesn't care. It's super chill. Plus, it is longer than cloth bibs, which is great for solid foods and highchair eating days. It's lightweight, cleans easily, and the babe thinks the smooth texture is interesting. 10/10

Hello, grow-with-me bibs! The adjustable snaps on these bad boys are amazing. They are easy to snap on and don't unlatch too easily either. So during those feisty feedings, I have one less problem to deal with. They are super absorbent. I like to use them for liquid feedings and when Warren has a teething drool day. The back of the bib is very soft for your baby's comfort. Coming in a larger pack is also a nice plus because, in my opinion, you can really never have too many bibs or burp cloths in the house.

This set comes with everything your baby needs for bottle feeding. The green inserts are for colic prevention, the bottles are still able to be used without the inserts if desired. I would recommend buying additional nipples in the larger sizes, just so you have them to transition when needed. This set provides two nipple sizes 0 Month+ (size 1) and 1 Month+ (size 2). We are currently trying out the Soft Spout to transition to sippy cups. Although Warren isn't quite adjusted yet, he does like these caps much better than the traditionally firm sippy cup caps. The set also comes with a case for powdered formula, a pacifier, "My First Transition Cup" handles, and a cleaning brush.

Infantino has made a carrier that is easily adjustable for the size of your baby. It is possible for one person to use unassisted, it just takes a couple of minutes to figure it all out. The straps adjust easily for different wearers. Directions for usage is easy to find, whether that be the pamphlet that came with the carrier or the store website that you bought it from. Whenever we go on walks Warren loves his time in the carrier. He is so calm and peaceful. He just loves looking around and seeing different environments. It keeps him safe and it makes life easier for me as a parent to get things done in or out of the house.

The Graco jogger is such an easy system to operate and is perfect for the outdoor activities our family enjoys. The large wheels are ideal for running and gravel/dirt hiking trails. It is a 'grow-with-me' style; an infant uses the car seat in the stroller for more security. Then when the baby can hold up there head and sit up, they can graduate to the stroller seat. The car seat has been reliable and easy to use. Our baby is about 7 months now and growing like a weed, so I'm expecting to have to find another car seat in about a month's time, but this one has served us well and I've been very happy with it.

GET YOURSELVES THESE PACIFIERS ASAP!!! Seriously though...they glow in the dark. So on those nights where the baby is just beginning to get the idea that it is sleepy time and you're putting them down in the hopes that maybe this time they will actually stay comforted and sleep, you don't have to quickly turn the lights on to find where that pesky pacifier rolled to. You'll already know! BECAUSE IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! These come in two sizes, 0-6 and 6+. We've used both. They are our baby's favorite pacifier by far.

My little zombambino loves these cups! He likes to chew on them, he likes to throw them off the highchair, he loves to bang them on all surfaces, and he likes to watch us disassemble and assemble them. I like that they have a piece that holds all the cups together so they don't get lost. The pieces are numbered and they all have a different color and a different symbol on them, so as my kiddo expands his comprehension we can easily use these cups for at-home education.

For quite a while this was the must-have toy in the house. The elephant head is plushie, the ears and body are crinkly and soft, and the feet have teethers on them! It also has a little loop so that it can attach to a play mat or stroller (or wherever you need to for your kiddos entertainment). At under $7, this product is a fantastic buy!

Having a swaddler on hand is so essential. You just never know if/when your baby will become the next Houdini with escaping your recently mastered swaddling techniques. These swaddle blankets are a godsend. They keep your baby safe throughout the night, no more worrying if they've kicked off their blanket and endangered themselves. It is easy to use, just slip your babes in the sleep pouch and velcro them into a snuggly swaddle. The fabric is nice and soft, your baby won't get rashes from the velcro portion because it is nicely placed away from skin contact. Honestly, I don't know how I would have managed without this product. It was so helpful from a mental health perspective, I was scared that my kiddo would strangle himself in his sleep because he ALWAYS got out of our swaddles (and we got REALLY good at swaddling). This product our baby naturally loved. He didn't want to escape, and if he felt like being more active the swaddle would make him feel comforted and calm down. It's a great product to add some well-needed relief in your life as a parent.

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