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The 11 Day Food Stretch: Midweek Check-In

Hello! A mere four days ago I set out to not buy any food for 11 days. Here's what I've learned so far.

We need more supplies. Baking three loaves of bread simply will not provide enough sandwich bread for 11 days. What was I thinking?! Homemade bread is too delicious. It goes as fast as it is made. We have 2 half loaves left. And maybe one cup of flour in the pantry. Not enough to make any more bread. My olive oil is down halfway, and I think I only have a cup and a half of vegetable oil left. That scares me. We also only have 3 eggs left. BUT by the hand of God, Kroger rolled out coupons!!! Seriously, I believe this is divine intervention, Kroger only gives us coupons when we need them. And the first coupon is for FREE EGGS. Not a BOGO, not $0.20 off, JUST FREE! So I'm cashing in on that deal.

Also.....I'm making a decision, I'm going to spend money on food. It's our wedding anniversary today and I have an awful habit of feeling guilty around holidays. We are very rarely in a stable monetary position, so any money that is gifted I instinctually want to put towards bills and debts so that we have more money for groceries and gas. Today, I would like to just have a nice dinner that neither of us has to really think about. So with that in mind, Aldi pizza and PBR is my splurge! If you haven't tried Aldi pizza...just give it a go. They're less than $7 and range from 12-16 inches. The pizza box won't even fit in your freezer. It's basically a steal and it tastes amazing! The Chicken Bacon Ranch is my personal favorite, but you really can't go wrong. They even have cauliflower crust now! When given the choice between carry out and Aldi pizza...the winner is Aldi pizza. It may not be 'Hot n Ready' but it's actually good. Let's be real, the taste is what matters.

While I'm on the topic of spending money on food, I'm really biting my nails trying to not go out and buy more flour. If any of you reading this have some suggestions for simple lunch meals that use some of the supplies mentioned in my last post then please leave a comment. I would love a fresh take.

My baby is starting to cry, so this is as good a time as any to wrap things up!

This is my mid-week check-in. I'm *hoping* to give another update over the weekend. Life as a mom and full-time work and wife gets full fast though, so my next update may end up being a bit late!

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1 Comment

Jun 24, 2020

Use crackers or small flour tortillas instead of bread.

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