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Thai Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup

I am sick and tired of having a side of instant cup o' noodles with my lunches. It's been two weeks and I need a change. A healthy, lower sodium change.

This week I'm attempting to have a healthy diet on a lower budget. I may have overspent due to restocking a few key items, but this dish is fairly cheap to make.

To make this soup, you will need 2 items: 1) an emulsifier (or blender) and 2) a slow cooker

Start out by getting all of your ingredients ready. It saves time, and helps get your work area organized. After your ingredients are all together, turn the slow cooker on to high (if you want it to be ready in 4 hours) or low (for 8 hours). By turning the slow cooker on now helps to preheat it and get everything cooking faster.

Next get a cutting board, knife and vegetable peeler. Start peeling the carrots and chop them into 3-4 chunks each.


See my homemade stock recipe to get the most out of your scraps!

Carrot, peeled vegetable, peeler, veggie scraps

Next peel the sweet potato and chop that into chunks as well.

Sweet Potato

Quarter an onion & peel the garlic. I used a red onion because that's what I had on hand. Feel free to use whatever you have access to. Soups aren't picky.

Red onion, garlic, peeled, vegetables, wooden cutting board

Here's a tip on how to easily peel garlic. There are a lot of methods out there, and most of them do work. This is my favorite. Smash it down, release some anger from the day, and dominate your food.

These are most of remaining ingredients. I love simple recipes. :)

PS. of course over half of this recipe I purchased from Aldi. My one true love of all grocery stores in existence!!!

Aldi, coconut milk, peanuts, natural peanut butter, red curry paste, ginger, ginger paste, curry

Throw everything into the slow cooker, give it a mix, and let it cook away for 4-8 hours.

**note: your coconut milk will probably curdle. Do not worry!! You're just going to blend it all together in a few hours. It's fine. Just sit back and relax. Have some wine. The slow cooker has your back.

slow cooker, crockpot, soup, vegetable soup, curry, soup

When the time is up, its blending and eating time!

Yum Yum Yum!!


hipster, sweet potato, vegetable, vegetable vibes

Thai Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup

5 Carrots

1 Sweet Potato

1-5 Cloves of Garlic *measure with your heart*

1 Onion

1-3 Dried Red Peppers (or Red Pepper Flakes)

2 Spoonfuls of Red Curry Paste

1 Spoonful of Peanut Butter

2.5 Cups of Coconut Milk (or one 16 oz can)

1 Cup of Water

2 Squeezes of Ginger Paste (or 1 inch of ginger grated)

Salt to taste

Start off, by organizing your ingredients and turning on your slow cooker.

Begin to peel the carrots and sweet potato.

Slice the carrots into 3-4 chunks per carrot. Cut the sweet potato into chunks, not thinner than 1 inch in thickness. Peel the onion and garlic cloves. Quarter the onion, leave the cloves whole.

Throw all of the ingredients into the slow cooker. Give it a stir.

Let it cook on High for 4 hours or Low for 8 hours.

After it has finished cooking, either transfer to a blender or emulsify in the slow cooker.

Be careful as soup is hot and emulsifiers can be messy!

When soup is blended until smooth, taste.

Add salt if needed.

Additional flavoring options include:

Lime Juice, Sriracha, Soy Sauce, Cilantro (which I would have used if I hadn't killed my plant), and chopped peanuts.

Serve warm or cool and store in the refrigerator for a later date.

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