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Surprising Things I Learned During Pregnancy and Post-Partum

New mother holding baby's hand

Like many first-timers, I did a heck of a lot of research on pregnancy and what to expect post-partum. I thought that I knew what was going to happen with my body. I was wrong.

  1. Contractions can feel like period cramps When I first started having contractions it was a whole month before Warren's due date. I spent over 24hrs having contractions and not realizing what was going on because they felt exactly like period cramps. When they continued long enough I did eventually see a doctor about it. This seems like common knowledge, but if there you're pregnant and you feel something different, pressure or pain then call the OB. It's 100% better to play it safe than sorry.

  2. You may not get your period for a LONG while i.e. 6+ Months Apparently breastfeeding can cause you not to have a period. Some say that it also acts as a natural birth control....but that's more of a wives tale than anything else. Basically after bleeding for 6-8 weeks postnatal expect the unexpected when it comes to your cycle.

  3. The importance of nipple cream Get nipple cream. Get all the types and figure out what is best for you. Lanolin, Earth Mama Nipple Cream, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil...the list goes on. You will need it.

  4. Your milk supply drops tremendously when you have your period, this is normal A lot of times OB's will not prepare you for what happens after giving birth. This is one of those not commonly talked about subjects, but it is completely normal for your milk supply to drop. My morning pump would drop from 10oz to 6oz. The first time it happened I freaked out, it's scary to think you may not be able to provide food for your child who is only a few weeks old! Don't stress..that will only cause your supply to drop more. Just eat those oatmeal cookies, keep taking your prenatal vitamins, and drink 12 cups of water a day. It will come back.

  5. Post C-Section, your poop will smell absolutely disgusting and foreign for weeks It's gross. But true....eventually it will go away.

  6. Post-partum hair loss is a real thing I thought that my hair was just falling out because it had reached a certain length in its growth cycle, but then it just kept falling out! I've heard of some women that had an especially rough time experience bald patches. Thankfully the hair grows back over time. Just be prepared to snake your shower drain a lot.

  7. Don't opt for government insurance for your child because it may be cheaper than your own. They will not backdate it to cover childbirth. Your child's insurance will start the day you applied/are accepted. I feel so dumb about doing this, but there is no going back now. All I can say is don't be like me. If you have insurance just put your kid on the same insurance. It will save you headaches and when you have your Postpartum Depression kicking in, crying about insurance is the last thing you need.

  8. Doctor's cannot differentiate between Braxton Hicks Contractions and Labor Contractions If you're a doctor and I'm wrong, comment and I will change this. I'm just speaking from my experiences. When I had my contractions a month early, I had the machine on my abdomen and it was registering that I was indeed having contractions. Cody and I inquired if it was just Braxton Hicks since it was so early on, but all we were told was "we really can't be sure." In that situation, I was given a muscle relaxer because my contractions were not slowing down.

  9. Pitocin is the devil. If that word is uttered scream for a c-section and DO NOT BACK DOWN.

  10. If you're a c-section momma, take those bad boy pain drugs. It's scary to think of the consequences that you may pick up a habit, but the pain is truly immense and your body needs the false sense of relief to heal

Sidenote: grab those massive panties, seriously. Steal. Them. All.

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