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Patience Is An Annoying Virtue

Yes, I said it. 

Patience is an Annoying Virtue.

Patiently waiting sucks. 

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      I have had a very slow week. One of those weeks where it feels like new days were added to the week's schedule. The week feels 10 days long, and unforgiving. It does not care how horrible it makes me feel. It only cares about adding more time to itself. 

      Honestly, the worst part about a long week is that it makes all the progress I've made seems insignificant. I forget just how much has been done because so much of my time has been filled with dead space. Now, if I had a job or was living in my normal routine, the week may not feel so long. However, right now, I am in my New York limbo. Patiently awaiting the magical moment when I can move into my future Georgia home.

      As slow as this week has been, we have actually done a few things. My husband and I were able to catch a baseball game with my parents which was a lot of fun. We went of a business appreciation day, so red hots were only $1. These red hots were quality too, they did not skimp out. I had a side which was essentially a garbage plate in a cup. It was amazing. To all of my out of region followers: a garbage plate is the most delicious hangover plate you could ever wish for. The bottom layer is half mac salad and half deep fried home fries (it could also include either beans or fries), a mid layer of two meats -traditionally a Zweigles hot dog/hamburger, and topped with an amazing meaty hot sauce, onions, ketchup and mustard. Is it more calories than one should have in a lifetime? Yes. Is it mainly catered to omnivores? Yes. Is it a bit disgusting to think about if you haven't been drinking? Maybe...But I swear this dish is the bees knees. Having a cup of home fries, mac salad and hot sauce (the meaty kind) and a $1 red hot made that game extra special. We had laughs, we had excitement, and we had Abbott's Frozen Custard. It was a beautiful night.

     Later that week, my car had some trouble and we were car-less while it was being repaired. Let me tell you. Being car-less, with no actually places to go (like to work or school), was a hard time. I hate being in one place for a long time. Maybe it's my ADHD or maybe I just like being active, but boy, being without my car was difficult. To make matters worse, it rained almost everyday. I couldn't even take walks. That was a real emotional setback. I had gone a fair amount of days feeling fine. No anxiety, no mopey attitude, just rainbows and butterflies-until it started to rain. Then it got emotionally difficult. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. The days blurred together without outings and adventures to separate them. I became very bored and apathetic.

      Out of necessity, I began focusing on my creativity goals. I really needed something to do. I was getting stir crazy and annoying the crap out of my poor husband. I created a list of simple sketches for my ongoing project to help get me to think more creatively. Sometime in the upcoming months, I will be doing 52 days of of sketching. These sketches aren't going to be very complex, so the goal is more to get used to sketching and creative thinking than focusing on the quality of the sketch. I'm really excited about this endeavor, but since I haven't "launched" the project I was really itching to do something creative with my time. So this Sunday, I painted for the first time in probably 10 years. My mom and my husband and I got together for a family paint night. We all had a really good time. And we all have very different art styles. I painted some succulents hanging from a beam in an art room. My husband painted an abstract piece titled: Assembly. And my mom painted a beautiful flower whose stem was actually a body. I know that my painting wasn't the best piece of art I have ever made. I definitely stole the design from someone on Pinterest. But I made it. And that's what mattered. Painting was an eye opening experience. It helped me become centered, but didn't feel too serious. It is something I would definitely want to explore more in the future.

      It is now the end of my slow week. I've applied to homes, drafted sketch plans, applied to jobs, caught a baseball game, painted, brunched with family, walked the dog, made homemade pierogies, read a couple chapters of Rise: How a House Built a Family by Cara Brookins and played 7+ hours of Sims 4.

     It may have been a boring, long week to get through but, all in all, I think this has been a success.

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