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Homemade Hummus

The serving size for hummus is 1 cup in this house. We don't play into that 2 tablespoons propaganda.

Honestly, whoever even decided to give 2 tablespoons as a serving size must really hate hummus, because that's basically the amount I put on a couple of pita chips. 😅

For those of you who could easily finish a whole container of hummus if left unattended (me), this recipe is for you! Or really whoever else wants to make hummus, AKA the world's most addictive dip!

Although this recipe does require a kitchen gadget, you are more than likely to have it in your kitchen already....because there are a lot of gadgets that can make hummus! I'm a big fan of a food processor (mini or large) or a blender, but an immersion blender or mortar and pestle are other fine options. Honestly, given the time and effort, you may have luck with just a bowl and a fork...but who has the time for that?!

Speaking of time, this recipe takes about 5 minutes to throw together. No cooking. Minor cleanup. Maximum deliciousness. Need I say more?

The recipe below is my go-to hummus dip. It can be adapted any way you see fit.

Everything But The Bagel hummus? Sure.

Garlic, More Garlic hummus? Yup.

Roasted Red Pepper hummus? Kinda done, but yes.

Lemon Beet Dill hummus? Yum.

Buffalo hummus? Dope.

Chocolate hummus? Stop heathen. You've gone too far. Never talk to me again. Chocolate is sacred. You are a disgrace.

Don't you dare come at me with your love for chocolate hummus. Eat a chocolate bar. You'll thank me later.

Anyhooo, let's get down to this recipe. I use two cans of garbanzo beans, one lemon (for juice and rind), two cloves of garlic, about three tablespoons of tahini, and roughly a quarter cup of olive oil. I'll add all ingredients but the oil to a blender or food processor and give it a little blitz. Then I'll gradually add the oil while blitzing until it reaches my desired consistency-just thin enough to not retain shape when dipping a cracker. Then I just salt to taste and dig right on in.


Homemade Hummus


2 cans Garbanzo Beans

1 Lemon

2 Cloves of Garlic

3 Tb Tahini

1/4c Olive Oil



Drain the garbanzo beans. Zest and juice lemon, discarding the seeds and rind after juicing. Peel the garlic and add it to the blender or food processor along with the beans, lemon, tahini, and a couple tablespoons of olive oil. Blend, adding more olive oil a little at a time, until the hummus meets your desired consistency. Salt to taste and then eat and enjoy!

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