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I've heard that a person is more likely to achieve their goals if they write them down. 

So. Here goes nothing. 

       I want to be creative. I want people to know what I create, and see what I create, and hopefully enjoy what I create. Small goal, right? 

       Throughout my life, I've had a tenancy to shield the world from my accomplishments. I was in band because being part of a group felt safe, and I never did any solos. I played soccer because it was a team sport. I also was an equestrian, but only participated in barn shows. In high school, I liked to write, but I never submitted anything to competitions or publication. I also have a nice voice, but I've never had the guts to show it off. 

       Art feels different. I've always had my art on display. Every art project I made, my parents would put up in the house. People would come over for dinner, see an art piece, and ask me questions about it. I would always love to tell them my thoughts behind each piece. Was I any good? Not really, but my art really embodied who I was. And I thought that was pretty neat.

      My last semester in college, I took a sketchbook class. Before that, my last art class about nine years ago. You could say I was a bit behind. This piece, 'Cheeseburger', was one of my early sketches of the class. The teacher said to sketch what inspired you....and I was really hungry.


       As the class progressed, I became more comfortable sketching. By more comfortable, read: Emma never felt actually comfortable, but didn't stare into the great abyss anymore in fear of putting pencil to paper. It was always a mental stretch figuring out what to do, and how to achieve it. The best part about that class was that I was forced to do it for a grade. It kept me going. Plus, I really needed a good grade. Since the class, I haven't sketched nearly as much as I would like. It still kind of scares me. But I know what the end results could look like if just a little effort was put into a piece. This is one of my favorite creations from that art class. It's the piece that keeps me encouraged that one day I can be better and become someone who actively creates.

Rainbow Trout

This is my #goal

I, Emma Tierson, would like to become someone who uses their otherwise idle time to create something new. Mediums and themes will vary. Some creations will be food related and therefore edible. However, completed creations should be shown off. Whether in a house, photograph, blog, gallery, magazine, or other, creations are meant to be seen. Progress is meant to be shown as encouragement. Mistakes are to be learning curves and laughable beauties. And I can't give up.

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