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Copycat Snack Wraps *Meal Prep Edition*

Anyone else cry when McDonald's took away the snack wrap? I still can't figure out what would have compelled them to get rid of it. Thankfully, snack wraps are super simple to copy! This is what I do to meal prep a Copycat Snack Wrap lunch for a two-person household during the workweek.

Ingredients needed to make a copycat McDonald's snack wrap

First thing first, head out to the nearest Aldi for the best prices! You don't need to go to more than one store for this recipe. As you can see, I definitely overbought on chicken, but I really wanted to try them all out and tell you how they were! If you are trying this meal prep for two people, then I would suggest only using three bags of chicken. Maybe you could get away with two if you stuff your wraps with more vegetables, but my husband and I are big fans of the chicken tender, so I don't think that we could personally go down to two bags.

Below are all the product prices at my local Aldi in New York State. Our Aldi total was $32.05. While this is higher than I would like to pay for a week's worth of lunches, it is for two people. Which would be $16.03 per person or $3.21 per meal. If it's cheaper than a 4 for $4 then it's cheap enough for lunch. That's my rule anyway!

This meal prep is going to last all of 25 minutes. I swear. Preheat that oven. Cook the chicken per the directions. It will be at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes or so because that's pretty much how to cook any frozen food.

Frozen chicken ready to be cooked

While the chicken bakes, chop up your tomatoes and put it into containers. Then divide your other toppings into their own containers (ie. lettuce, cheese, condiments...).


Don't even bother putting your wraps in a bag.

Give up and use a plastic baggie to carry everything instead of a lunch bag.

Look ratchet. Live your best life.

All of your frienemies will be jealous of your snack wraps anyway.

There you have it, folks! The super-freaking-simple, you should have thought of this earlier, but you didn't and some rando on the interwebs did your thinking for you, DIY, snack wrap.

Hope you're lovin' it. ;)

Meal Prepped Copycat Snack Wrap

********************************************* NOTE *********************************************

Learn from my mistakes.

Ranch goes with plain chicken or buffalo chicken.

Honey mustard only goes with plain chicken.

That is all.

Copycat Snack Wrap


Copycat Snack Wraps


Makes 10 Snack Wraps Total

1-2 bags of frozen chicken

1/2 bag of lettuce

2-3 Plum Tomatoes

10 Tortillas

1c Shredded Cheese

1/4c Ranch or Honey Mustard Dressing


Cook the chicken according to the directions on the bag. While the chicken is cooking, dice your tomatoes. Then put the tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and dressings into separate containers. When the chicken has cooked, let it cool slightly, and then put the chicken in containers as well. Assemble the snack wraps as you would a burrito, by folding in two sides and then rolling the non-folded sides *see below*.

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