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SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN Cleaning Products So Amazing You Have To See Them In Action

These are my absolute FAVORITE cleaning products! Some of them may seem common or familiar, BUT THAT IS BECAUSE THEY WORK GOSH DARN IT. They are tried and true and highly reviewed. If I'm being quite honest I hate cleaning. What I hate more than cleaning is using a faulty product to clean with.

Teachers everywhere: dOn'T eNd A sEnTeNcE wItH a pRePoSiTiOn!!!

^^^That's meme humor for those of you who missed the beloved Spongebob meme time period in their millennial social studies class.

Onto the actual subject of today! Cleaning products!

These are in no particular order other than what I remembered first while writing this I guess interpret that however you see fit. They all vary in price but to me, each and every one of these products are worth it!

What are your favorite cleaning products? Let me know in the comment section.

Any chance to clean better and faster is an absolute win to me!


Cleaning Products So Amazing

You Have To See Them In Action

*If you are unable to see a photo of the product for whatever reason, I've included an alternative link for each product. Simply click the underlined title of the product you wish to see and it will lead you to the Amazon page*

Oh, my goodness.

If you live in an apartment, get this product.

If you have hair, get this product.

If you have a pet that has hair, get this product.

The FlexiSnake Drain Millipede works swimmingly. It works quickly, it's the same price as the leading drain cleaning liquid on the market, and it is reusable!!!

(Although, I wouldn't blame you for disposing of this product after one use)

It removes hair and sediment from drains with ease thanks to all the tiny millipede-like hairs all over the product. It even has a little crank to move the FlexiSnake around the drain. When we tried this product out, we had used 1 bottle of generic drain cleaning liquid, 2 bottles of Drain-O, and a bunch of baking soda+vinegar. None of that helped our poor tub drainage system. Thankfully, one use of the FlexiSnake saved us! Whoever the previous tenant was...or perhaps the past few tenents, they had long hair and a lot of hair loss.

So. Gross. Hair is just dead waste hanging from your face. Change my mind.

10/10 product, it works great! Would buy over and over again.


This cleaner comes in two forms, liquid (seen here) and powder (shown as the next product). They both work splendidly! It's perfect for scrubbing away those obnoxious stains on cookware. This one comes with a scouring scrubber, which will make your dishwashing job even easier!


This is the powder version of the product above. It is very simple to use, just shake a little bit on your grime-covered cookware and scrub away with your favorite sponge and a tad of water. I love this product because it hasn't ruined my pans. As long as you are wary about what sponge you are using (rough sponges for metals, soft sponges for non-stick), you will find yourself fully satisfied with this cleanser. And if you can't get something off a metal pan with just a sponge...then check out my super-secret weapon up next!


Have you used a steel scrubber? It makes you feel like a woman-and by that, I mean able to get sh*t done. These things are the end-all-be-all of cookware stains. They will salvage your 15-year-old baking sheets. They will take the stains clear off your copper bottom pots. You only need to wish them away and these bad a$$ babes will get the job done.


I could not live without my shampooer!!! I have a dog. I have a cat. I have a husband, and I have a toddler...and in the future, I hope to bring more animals and children into the household. That means infinite messes. The type of messes where you just see a stain and you try not to ask what that stain is before you use this good machine and banish said stain to the great beyond. Does this sound like your life? Or what you want your life to be? If so, you may want to invest in this product which happens to be one of the most affordable shampooers on the market.


To get your carpets clean, you could go with a generic brand. I get it. I got the Target brand. It isn't bad....but my container leaked and got my cabinet full of cleaning detergent. I've never had a problem with the Bissell brand. To top things off it smells better and for longer than a generic brand.


If you have a pet, get this product. I have a cat who likes to mark her territory because I have a dog who doesn't understand what territory means. If I wasn't bound to a 2 bedroom apartment, then perhaps this wouldn't have been such an issue. Alas, it was an issue. Thankfully, the Boost Oxy Formula did some magic on the carpets!! Take it from someone who has been there and survived, you do not want to live in a house that smells like cat pee.

Just don't.

Buy this $6 cleaner instead.


Okay, sure, maybe you're broke AF like I was (...and still am) and have priorities so you can't spend money on big appliances right now but gosh darn it you still have that darn cat (or dog)! I used to use this all the time. It works like a charm and I've never had any issues with discoloration. The only reason I upgraded to a carpet cleaner in the first place was that my cat had started marking in too many areas in a short amount of time and my place needed to be deep cleaned, multiple times a week, for her to learn her lesson. Did I have a cat from hell? Maybe. But what can you expect from a cat named Azathoth?


As I mentioned, we used to live in apartments. These places weren't luxury by any means, but they didn't always have that "new apartment smell" either. So to freshen up our closet from the mothball smell, I bought this order eliminator. It worked quickly and fiercely. After about a week, the offputting smell was gone.


This is one of the only detergents on the market that doesn't explicitly state that it is "free and clear" that I can use without my eczema flaring up. It actually cleans your clothing. It doesn't state that it's fragrance-free, however, the fragrance is minimal. All around this product just ticks off all the boxes for me and I continue to use it.


I freaking love baking soda. It's one of those products that has infinite uses. My favorite baking soda hack though-and the reason to buy a 4 lb bag of it-is to get rid of cat urine smell on clothing. Pour about 1 cup of this into the washer with your clothing and detergent and you will have a noticeable difference.


Besides using vinegar with that gigantic bag of baking soda to make the world's biggest DIY volcano, you can also you vinegar as a cleaner! For those looking for an alternative to bleach and other harsh chemicals, I highly recommend keeping vinegar on hand. I used to use this all the time to clean out our sink/drain. I would sprinkle some baking soda around the sink, scrub a bit with my sponge and then rinse with vinegar. Yes. It will make your kitchen smell like vinegar. But if you were using bleach, then it would make your kitchen smell like bleach. I think vinegar is an easier smell to deal with, plus you can always just wipe down what you were cleaning with some water and the smell will lessen. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


We could all use a little hand sanitizer. If you're a mom, you know how much it comes in handy. If you're not a mom, you probably also know how much it comes in handy. Let's get rid of 99.99% of the germs on our hands with these helpful travel-sized Purell Hand Sanitizers.


If you have a car this is a must! Seriously! You will find yourself in need of a plug for some reason or another and having this in your glove box is the best feeling ever. Because you know that in your time of need, you are prepared. I use it as a plug for my car vacuum cleaner. Just turn your car on and clean. You don't need to be near your garage, with the extension cord anymore. Those days are over. No longer are you tethered or forced to pay a business to clean your own car. You've got this!


While we are talking about vacuums for your car, think about this one. It is small and can take on any kind of a mess (i.e. when you accidentally spill the giant Slurpee that you literally used a trash can to fill on 7/11 a.k.a. Slurpee Day).


I highly recommend this amazing brush to anyone who gardens or likes to get their hands dirty-literally. It's a pet-peeve of mine to have dirt under my nails, thankfully this brush makes my little annoyances a thing of the past.


I was gifted one of these Zum Bars one year around the same time that I was trying to use as many eco-friendly products as possible. I have sensitive skin, so I'm always a bit wary about what soap I use. This one worked well for me! It has a pleasant fragrance, minimal packaging, and lasts a long time for a bar of soap.


This miracle cleaning product is a given. We all know and love (and maybe even dream about) Mr. Clean. The Magic Eraser is less than $5 for a 6 pack.

Make your life easier and buy this product.

I triple dog dare you.


So now that we all have our cleaning products ordered, it's time to have a glass of wine and put our feet up. Shopping is hard y'all! We deserve to relax.

“As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

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