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Blue Bread, Cockroaches, and Car Accidents

These are a few of my [least] favorite things.

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Yeah...I was not kidding about the blue bread. I, for some reason, got it in my head the other weekend that I needed to make whole grain bread with spirulina powder and no recipe to guide me. This was supposed to be a magical time where I baked and ate healthy bread and suddenly became a model for everyone else's lives. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets delusions of grandeur like this. Although I may be the only one crazy enough to bake blue bread. For the record it was a disaster the consistency and color of Play-Doh.

Lately I've been wanting to be "better". I'm not entirely sure what "better" means to me yet, but what I do know is that trying to be a one upper makes me look like an idiot and trying to hide my messy life while trying to make it look spotless is downright impossible. So where does that leave me? I'll tell you: always a weekend away from finishing my recycling bag, and cockroaches finding my recycling pile in the kitchen. I SWEAR TO GOD WE RINSE FOOD ITEMS OUT BEFORE WE RECYCLE. We don't have a real cockroach problem..but where there are two there are I'm now dedicating my three day weekend to deep cleaning the kitchen. While the cleaning part is likely going to be miserable, at least I can get rid of the humongous recycling pile that has accumulated over the last week. I've spent a while finding just the right place to take our recyclables. In fact, I'm pretty much obsessed with recycling research. It's something that Cody and I had been dreaming of since we got married, and now our little bubble of a recycling dream has popped. I honestly didn't think doing the right thing would be so darn problematic!

The goal is to keep on recycling, and hopefully by cleaning and tidying the recycling zone in our apartment we will keep the pests away.

When it comes to having a bad week, nothing tops it off like a car accident. Fortunately, this one was very limited in its damage, but having to deal with the aftermath is never pleasant. It just reminds me of how responsibility is forced upon adults. I see people that seem to have endless time allotted to them and it makes me extremely jealous. I'm seriously hoping they are just better at hiding the struggle of adulthood from me because if they don't have to talk with insurance companies as often as I do, I need to find out their secrets.

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