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5 Year Plan

Autumn is approaching swiftly, bringing a change of season. It's time for me to get cozy with a chai tea and reflect on how I want the next five years to look.

Will any of these goals be accomplished?

Who is to say?

But will I have something to work towards?



I've had crazy goals my whole life, and almost none of them have to do with a career. I've wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail. Travel around Europe. Roadtrip the USA. Bike the East Coast Greenway. Just a lot of things that require endurance and have zero monetary gain. Having all these goals made it incredibly hard to think about a career. How would I have time for both? I'm not sure that blogging is the answer, it isn't exactly a profitable industry for most and I still need something to live off of, but I think a change is in order for my life. One where I take advantage of my creative and crazy side a little bit more.

Here's hoping for a fruitful five years!

  • Buy land

  • Move out of our horrible apartment

  • Churn out blog content weekly

  • Save money like crazy for a house and car

  • Launch a cooking assistance service

  • Collaborate with another artist

  • Plan the house build

  • Keep saving money

  • Build credit

  • Replace the car with truck or SUV

  • Become a full-time Mom & full-time blogger

  • Increase website traffic

  • Publish something

  • Become a business owner

  • Create content to sell

  • Make a sale

  • Create a garden on the land

  • Start composting

  • Begin to live more eco-friendly again

  • Build a fence around the property

  • Cycle the full length of the Erie Canal

  • Start building a house!

  • Start a YouTube channel

  • Participate in Art Festivals

  • Make a profit

  • Be a part of the local community

  • Begin homesteading via food preserving

  • Build an art studio and office

  • Build a barn/stable/garage

  • Add livestock to the homestead

  • Take time to organize art and business things and ideas

  • Make a big enough profit from blogging that I can call it my career

  • Have at least 3 published works, whether they are self-published or not

  • Have a service that is profitable

  • Start a community garden in a food desert

    • Work with that community, show them how to cook.

    • Work with people who have felonies and the homeless. If I have a company, then employ them.

    • Create a workshop for after school for children to get their hands in the dirt and know the joy of tending a plant until it is fruitful and enjoying the literal fruits of your labor.

    • All food would be donated.

  • Create an affordable cooking class. $50 is not affordable.

    • I want to open the doors of cooking for those who have not gotten a chance to experience it.

  • If I have a proper homestead I would love to be able to have an affordable program that allows people to learn how to care for farm animals and the daily ins and outs of running a homestead.

I don't know what the future will bring, but I'm certainly excited to see it unfold.

Cheers to the next five years!

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