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An inside look at my life, creativity,

and favorite recipes

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A little bit about who I am. I frequently forget to message people back. I've always been the shortest person in the room-sometimes children included. Traveling and eating are my passion. My tea collection is bigger than yours. So far, I own two super cute pets, a dog named Phoenix and a cat named Azathoth (Azzy for short). My husband is the best man in the world, his name is Cody Tierson. I have achieved "mom" status, so I am now always between a state of Zero F's Given and Life Is An Anxiety Induced Nightmare. My hair is an ever-changing force of nature. On any given morning, I will not talk to you without at least one cup of coffee. And, in the tradition of introductions, my hobbies include cooking, gardening, watching an ungodly amount of television, and printmaking.

Please enjoy the following slideshow of my life pre-motherhood.

Emma and Cody Tierson, Garden, Wedding, Elegant
Lamberton Conservatory, Rochester NY, Highland Park, Greenhouse, Conservatory, Tropical Plants, Gard
Cat in lap, adopt, adopt don't shop, adoption, rescue, small tattoos, black cat, Azathoth, morning s
coffee, chocolate, cupping, Aztec chocolate, Lynchburg Virginia, Altus Chocolate
Film dog, Acting Dogs, Adopt, Adopt don't shop, Adoption, Rescue, Pound Puppy, Phoenix, Dog, Doggo,
Virginia is for Lovers, Skyline Drive, Virginia, Shenandoah, Mountain, Valley, Open sky, Solo travel
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